SEO Hosting Success


When our business started using this SEO hosting service from a seo firm phoenix, we did not know if we could rise in the rankings at all. We wanted to make our business more visible to the people in our area, but we needed SEO services to get the results we wanted. When we began using this SEO host, we started to see results, and they showed us the items they were using to make this major change.

The Content

All the content on your website we optimized to meet the needs of our business. We were shown how to use keywords and phrases in all our content. We had informational articles that were optimized for search engines, and all the descriptions of our products were also optimized for search engines. Our SEO host was able to make these changes so that they could begin to maximize the content that we had.

The Tracking

Our host also showed us how they were going to track all the keywords and phrases that they were using. However, they also tracked ads that they had placed online for us. They were able to see who was finding us based on our keywords, and they knew which keywords were the most effective. They also knew how often the same people were searching for these keywords. We got reports on all the keywords that were used on the website, and we were able to use those keywords more often so that we could get the most hits possible on our

The Improvements

The improvements that have been made to our site came as a direct result of the items that were brought up by our host. They showed us which keywords needed to be used more, and we were also able to delete the keywords that we should no longer use. We were taking up space with keywords that were not effective, and we were able to replace those keywords with items that were going to work better.

When we used all the resources that were offered to us by our hosts, we saw our search engine rankings start to increase. Within a few months, we were near the top of the search engine rankings, and we knew that we had more visibility. The process take a bit of time, but it was worth the effort.